Trim Away White Space Around an Image

Sometimes, a file is created with a canvas—or background—that is too large for the actual image. For example, consider the following illustration, which shows a new file I created in Photoshop that is 400x400 pixels in size.

After I pasted in an image that I downloaded from a web site, I realized I had created the new file at the wrong size and now had a lot of extra white space around the image. It's not a problem with Photoshop, though, because I can quickly and easily eliminate the extra white space around the image using the Trim command.

The Trim command (choose Image I Trim) allows you to delete extra space like this because it can actually shrink the file's canvas to match the size of its contents. In other words, it removes blank or white space from around the top, bottom, right, and left sides of an image.

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