Use Masks to Temporarily Hide Parts of Layers

Sometimes it's better to hide parts of layers instead of delete them. When this is the case, a layer mask is the perfect tool for the job because of the amount of flexibility it offers. For example, suppose you wanted to see what a photo of my Aunt Ginny looked like without Uncle Bernie standing next to her. You could add a layer mask to the layer and temporarily hide the part of the image containing Uncle Bernie.

When you use a layer mask to hide part of an image, you can use the painting tools to "paint away" the part you don't want. At any time, however, you can "erase" what you've painted, in which case the parts that were hidden reappear. Consider Figures 6-13 through 6-15. In this example, I wanted to put a photo of the evening DJ at a local radio station into a picture of the moon for a banner advertising his show. However, I wasn't sure exactly how much of his face I wanted in the moon, so instead of deleting the rest of him, I painted it away using a layer mask.

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