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While Photoshop and ImageReady both do a pretty good job of showing you how an optimized image will likely display in a browser, nothing is better than going to the source. In this case, that means actually previewing your optimized images in any web browser loaded on your computer.

By default, Photoshop and ImageReady set themselves up to preview in any browsers they notice during installation. However, if you have any additional browser(s) on your system, you can specify exactly which one(s) to use for previewing.

TRY IT To preview an optimized image in a browser, perform one of the following:

• In Photoshop, choose File I Save For Web and select the browser in which you want to preview the file from the Select Browser menu at the bottom of the window.

• In ImageReady, choose a browser from the Preview In Browser tool near the bottom of the toolbox, or choose File I Preview In and select a browser from the menu.

During the preview, the program shows you the optimized image as well as information such as its dimensions, file size, and format. In addition, the HTML the program would use to display the image (if you asked it to output HTML) is displayed as follows:

J] webjieader

Stop tSl E)

Pi Mail e ti Is :///Macintosh^20HD/Cleanup^20At^20Startup/ImageReady/TirgetPreviev2/web_header .html

Format: JPEG Dimensions: 600wx 65h Size: 10.26K

Settings: Quality is 45, Non-Progressive; Optimized on

TITL E > veb_heade r < / TITL E;> <META HTTP-EQUIV="Content-Type" CONTEMT="text/html; cliacset^so-SSSS-l";-</HEAD>


< 1MG 5RC="images/veb_header.jpg" VIDTH=fDO HE IGHT=c5 ALT=""> <!— End ImageHeady Slices —>

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