Use RGB for the Default Proof Setup

Photoshop gives you the ability to preview how a file looks under different color modes. This process is called proofing a file and is especially important to print designers, for example, looking to proof how colors may change from RGB to CMYK during the printing process.

The default proof setup in Photoshop is called Working CMYK. If you're a web designer, you definitely want to change this default from the CMYK color mode to RGB—the color mode of computer monitors. In fact, designers working on a Mac will likely want to use Windows RGB as their default proof setup, to get an idea of how their web graphics will display on Windows computers. Likewise, Windows users can select Macintosh RGB to preview how their graphics might display on Macintosh computers.

You tell Photoshop to show you a proof of a file by selecting View | Proof Colors or by pressing CTRL-Y (Windows) or CMD-Y (Mac).

Photoshop Secrets

Photoshop Secrets

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