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When you justify a paragraph of text as discussed in the previous two tips, you're telling Photoshop to force the majority of the lines within that paragraph to line up along both the left and right sides. Sometimes this means words must be broken apart and hyphenated, or extra space must be added between words to make all the lines "fit."

Ever wonder how Photoshop determines where to hyphenate or add space? When you make selections in the options for word spacing, letter spacing, glyph spacing, and hyphenation in Photoshop, the program takes that information and evaluates it to determine the best possible line breaks. This is called the composition method, and there are two possible composition methods in Photoshop:

• The Every-line Composer Considers multiple lines at once and gives highest importance to keeping an evenness of letter and word spacing, and avoids hyphenation whenever possible

• The Single-line Composer Considers one line at a time and compresses or expands word spacing before hyphenating, but does hyphenate to avoid altering letter spacing whenever possible

If you have a paragraph of text that isn't breaking as you'd like it to, try adjusting the composition method by switching between these two composers to find the best match for your situation.

jHY/J To adjust the composition method for a section of text, first use the Type tool to highlight the text in question. Then choose Window I Paragraph to make sure the Paragraph palette is visible.

Click the triangle in the upper-right corner of the palette window to access the palette menu. Select Adobe Every-line Composer or Adobe Single-line Composer as needed. The currently selected option is identified with a check mark.

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