Use the Magnetic Tools to Assist in Drawing Selections

If you need to make a selection around an object with clear distinction from its background, it's a good idea to turn your selection tool into a magnetic one. Two tools are capable of being made magnetic—the Lasso and the Freeform Pen tool.

TRY IT To make the Lasso tool magnetic, click and hold on the Lasso tool in the toolbox to reveal a flyout menu with additional options. At the bottom of that menu is the Magnetic Lasso tool.

After selecting this tool, click once in the location where you want your selection to begin. Then, move the cursor around the edge of the intended selection (see Figure 5-9 for an example). Click again once you get close to the beginning of the selection to close it. After closing the selection, you can switch to other selection tools to edit the selection, if necessary.

As you move your cursor around the edge of a selection, you'll notice that Photoshop adds anchor points along the way to anchor the selection against the border. The frequency of these points is controlled in the Options bar (see Figure 5-9). Other options you can control for the Magnetic Lasso are the following:

• Width Used to specify how far away from the cursor Photoshop should look when detecting edges

• Edge Contrast Used to specify how sensitive Photoshop should be to edges within an image; the higher the Edge Contrast, the more contrast that must be present before Photoshop will recognize it

4 File Edit Image Layer Select Filter View Window Help

4 File Edit Image Layer Select Filter View Window Help

Figure 5-9 Use the Magnetic Lasso tool to easily select objects that are against contrasting colors.

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