Use the Preset Manager to Manage Saved Tool Settings

Tool presets can significantly increase your productivity and efficiency in Photoshop because they enable you to save settings you might otherwise have to remake over and over again. For example, I use a pressure-sensitive drawing tablet for all my Photoshop work. I like to customize a variety of

These are the three default tool presets for the brush tool

Check to display tool presets only for the current tool, uncheck to display all saved tool presets

Dock to Paiette'Well

New Tool Preset...

Reintbrush^'al 45 pixels Multiply Transparent Red Spray Paint

Reintbrush^'al 45 pixels Multiply Transparent Red Spray Paint

Click to create a new tool preset, or choose from the fly-out menu to the right

Select a tool preset and click this button to delete it

Dock to Paiette'Well

New Tool Preset...

Rename Tool Preset... Delete Tool Preset

Sort By Tool Show All Tool Presets v Show Current Tool Presets

Text Only Small List Large List

Reset Tool Reset All Tools

Preset Manager...

Reset Tool Presets... Load Tool Presets... Save Tool Presets... Replace Tool Presets..

Art History Brushes

Crop and Marquee Text

Choose from this list to change the view in the Tool Presets palette

This list includes any additional libraries of tool presets curre ntly available; select a library from ■ this list to load it

Figure 8-14 The Tool Presets palette stores saved tool settings.

tools so settings like opacity and size are dictated by the amount of pressure I place with the pen on the tablet. To avoid re-creating these settings every time I want to use them, I can save them as tool presets and use the Preset Manager to access and organize them.

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