Use the Single Row and Single Column Marquee Tools to Create Quick Borders

Two versions of the Marquee tool—the Single Row Marquee and Single Column Marquee—are rarely used by most designers. However, these two tools can be particularly useful to web designers who need to create quick single-pixel borders.

TRY IT To create a quick single-pixel vertical border, first create a new layer in your destination file in Photoshop by clicking Layer I New I Layer or pressing SHIFT-CTRL-N (Windows) or SHIFT-CMD-N (Mac).

Then, click and drag the Marquee tool to reveal the Single Column Marquee tool. Click once within your image area, wherever you want the border to appear. Next, make sure the desired color of this border is in the foreground color swatch of the toolbox, and press ALT-BACKSPACE (Windows) or OPTION-DELETE (Mac) to fill the border with the foreground color.

To create a single-pixel horizontal border, repeat the preceding steps using the Single Row Marquee tool.

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