Use the Type Mask Tool to Create Selections of Text

Suppose you want to remove a portion of a textured leaf background in the shape of the word "autumn," as shown in Figure 7-2. One way to accomplish this might be to first make a selection in the shape of "autumn" using the Type Mask tool.

Contrary to how the normal Type tool automatically creates a new layer on which to house its text, the Type Mask tool simply creates a selection—with dancing ants—around the outside of the text created. Like other selections made with the Marquee or Lasso tools, this selection is not saved in any palette until you choose Select I Save Selection to save it to the Channels palette.

While the text is being typed, Photoshop temporarily slips into Quick Mask mode. (Depending on your settings, you may notice your screen turn a bit pink or red because of this.) After you've completed the text, the program returns to Normal mode and displays the text with dotted outlines instead.

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