Using Text


► Create a Single Line of Text along a Horizontal Axis 206

► Create a Single Line of Text along a Vertical Axis 207

► Use the Type Mask Tool to Create Selections of Text 209

► Create and Modify Multiple Lines of Text 210

► Add Anti-Aliasing to Smooth Edges 212

► Change Text Color 213

► Spell-Check Photoshop Text 214

► Control How Words Wrap Across Lines in Paragraphs 216

► Control How Words Break Across Lines in Paragraphs 217

► Use the Appropriate Composition Method for Paragraphs of Text 219

► Find and Replace Words or Characters in Photoshop 219

► Align Text on Multiple Layers 220

► Use the Free Transform Command to Scale, Skew, Rotate, Distort, or Change the Perspective of Text 222

► Use the Warp Text Command for Curved Lines of Text 224

► Apply Gradients to Text 226

► Fill Text with Patterns 227

► Fill Text with Photos or Other Images 229

► Add Layer Styles to Create Easy Drop Shadows and Other Special Effects 230

► Simulate HTML Text in Web Mockups 233

► Rasterize Type Layers to Apply Photoshop Filters 235 Save Type Settings for Customized "Style Sheets" 235

► Create Text along a Path 237

Type in Photoshop has come a long way. While older versions of the application greatly restricted your use of typography in Photoshop, recent updates have changed it so that Photoshop can create crisp, resolution-independent type with relative ease. This chapter opens with a discussion of how to use the Type tools and their associated palettes for web and print design, followed by a wide variety of tips and techniques on the topic.

All about the Type Tools

One tool in particular—the Type tool—from the toolbox is used to access all the type aspects of Photoshop. Clicking and holding on the Type tool in the toolbox, as shown in the following illustration, reveals four variations:

• Horizontal Type Tool Creates text along a horizontal axis

• Vertical Type Tool Creates text along a vertical axis

• Horizontal Type Mask Tool Creates a selection along a horizontal axis based on the outline of the text typed

• Vertical Type Mask Tool Creates a selection along a vertical axis based on the outline of the text typed

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