* Dodge and Burn continued

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Both the Dodge and Burn tools don't seem to work well when affecting the opposite ends of the tonal spectrum.There are situations where this can be useful,but they tend to be used very subtly.

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Focusing in on a subject by dampening the highlights of background elements using the Burn tool is a good example of the tip above.

EIn Shadows mode,it's the darkest pixels that get lightened.this is quite a different result. it looks like we've painted across the image with a transparent white brush - not good at all.

EIf we start with a very light image and use the Burn tool we can better see its effects. Here in Shadows mode,the tool picks out the dark areas in the image and makes them even darker.

M7 | In Midtones mode the middle range of tones is darkened leaving the darkest and lightest pixels as they were.This is like applying the gamma slider in the Levels dialog to darken an image's midtones,but only where you paint.

P8 I There's something familiar about this I I one.In Highlights mode,the Burn tool lowers the brightness of the brightest pixels, resulting in what looks like a stroke of transparent black paint across the image. So the Burn tool works best in Shadows and Midtones mode and the Dodge tool works best in Highlights and Midtones mode.

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