* Using the Pen tools continued

Load a path

To load a path as a selection, [Ctrl]+click on the path icon in the Paths palette (that's [Command]+ click for Mac users), or click the 'Load path as Selection'button at the bottom of the palette.

Convert a selection

You can convert a selection into a path by clicking the 'Make Work Path from Selection'button in the Paths palette.

B9 | The fourth tool is the Delete Anchor I I Point tool.This tool does the opposite of the Add Anchor Point tool:clicking on an existing point on the path with this tool will delete it.You might find that the path will change shape as a result.

The final tool is the Convert Anchor Point tool.This is used to change a sharp point into a smooth one,and vice-versa. To use it,click on a smooth point to convert it into a sharp point (or 'cusp'); drag on a point to convert a sharp point into a smooth one.

■ i You can also use the Convert point tool I I to edit the Bezier handles of a smooth point.When you do this with this tool the Handles will 'break'- that is,they will move independently of each other.

I Holding down the [Ctrl] key when any I I of the Pen tools are selected activates the Direct Selection tool (Mac users should hold down the [Command] key).This is the prime editing tool for Paths. Use this tool if you want to move Bezier handles together without breaking them.

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