Achieve seriously complex brush effects with additional features of the Brushes palette

EThe rest of the parameters are operated in much the same way as the Scattering section that we looked at in detail.The best thing to do is to experiment with the settings by playing around with them.Here the Texture section is enabled.This lets you add texture to the brush tip using one of Photoshop's preset textures.

E Enabling the Dual Brush option makes things really interesting.This feature adds a second brush tip to texture the main one. It has its own Spacing, Size, Scattering and Count settings and is mixed in using an Apply mode chosen from the pop-up menu at the top of the panel.

B . Colour Dynamics takes the concept of I I scattering and jitter but applies it to the colour properties of a brush.You can achieve very complex and detailed strokes using the settings in this section.

E Enabling all of the numerous other settings and it becomes like playing with wet paint,and great fun. It only takes seconds to spray the canvas with incredibly detailed patterns and colours, and work them together like real paint.

Precise strokes

Don't forget gradient selections are a great way to control where 'paint'willgo on an image. You can blend or fade away your strokes very precisely using these gradients.

Go easy

Dual brushes are the key to getting more detailed brush strokes in less time. They are more suited, however, to be used sparsely rather than as dense strokes. Enabling Scattering is a good idea.

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