Follow our step-by-step guide to working on vector shapes and multiple paths

Elf you want to edit the points of a vector shape mask then you need to change from the Path Selection to the Direct Selection tool.With this tool active,you are able to click to select individual points in a path or vector shape.

Elf you need to select multiple points on a path and move them as one you can drag out a marquee with the Direct Selection tool. Alternatively the usual 'shift to add' maxim holds true:[Shift]+click to add points to the selection that are difficult to select within a single marquee.

B . With either the Direct Selection or Path Selection tools active you can duplicate a path,or multiple paths by [Option]+dragging them.The cursor will change to display a plus sign next to it when you hold the Option key down as a visual cue that you are about to make a copy.

EWith the Direct Selection tool you can select a point in order to access its Bezier handles and modify the shape of the curve.If a point has no handles you can pull them out by holding down [Ctrl]+[Alt] as you drag ([Command]+[Alt] on a Mac).The tool changes to an inverted 'V', called the Cusp tool.

Take the A road

The [A] key is the shortcut to the Path Selection tool group. To toggle between Path and Direct Selection mode type [Shift]+[A].

Make a point

Clicking once on a point that already has handles with the Cusp cursor converts it to a sharp point with no handles.


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