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Closing notes

To close a Note click the close box in the top-left corner of the Note's title bar.The Note will collapse to an icon on the image. Double-click it to open it again.

Make notes and annotations,attach them to images,and learn how to open and save them

Name change

You can also change the name in the title bar by entering a new one in the field in the Options bar and pressing return.

P1 | Creating a note could not be easier.

|_| With the Note tool selected you click on the image where you want the note icon to appear.A window, like a little Post-It note, appears where you can enter your text.

There is not a lot of editing that you can do to the note text itself, but you can change the font and set the size.There are only five preset sizes: Smallest,Small,Medium, Large and Largest.Smallest and small are practically unreadable,though.

P3 | You can have more than one note in a document,and in order to differentiate between them you can choose to give them different colours.The note's title bar and its icon take on the new colour when collapsed.

ETo save a document containing a note, you must use one of three file formats. These are Photoshop, Photoshop PDF and TIFF. All the other file formats will discard the note information,as they do not support it.

With the Annotation tool you can attach a sound clip,usually a spoken sentence, to an image in a similar way to notes.Clicking on the image with the Annotation tool opens a dialog prompting you to start recording.

P^ | Click on Stop to end recording.There is no interface for the audio annotation, you just double-click to hear the recording. If you look hard enough you can just about see the icon next to the Annotation tool's cursor.

Take the mic

In order to record an annotation you must have a microphone connected to your computer's sound card or mic input.

P . Because the audio annotations are a bit difficult to see it may be wise to build your document with spaces to accomodate them.This is an example of a way to help guide people to the right annotation.

EAs with notes,documents containing annotations must be saved as either TIFF, Photoshop PDF or plain Photoshop format.If you don't want to display annotations you can hide them using the View > Show > Annotations menu command.

Colourful sounds

Annotations can be coloured using the colour swatch in the Annotation tool's Options bar. You can reuse annotations from other documents. You can import annotations by selecting File > Import > Annotations.

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