"Using the Pen as a brush continued

Keep it real

Overdo a touch-up job and your subject can end up looking like one of those plastic models on the front of countless fashion mags. Remember to keep your effects subtle.

Progress report

Use the Zoom tool to zoom out of the image to look at the image as a whole. This will give you a good idea of how well the touch-up is coming along.

EThe next tool we need to use is the wonderful Healing Brush.We can use this to just subtly remove some wrinkles and blemishes from the model's face.

The most obvious lines to fix are those on the brow. Using a brush that's about three times the width of the line,we take a sample just above it and paint it out.You must be careful not to overdo it and remove all the lines totally,as it can look too false.

M7 | Next we can tackle the occasional blemish.The odd spot is removed using the same technique with the Healing Brush tool. Note that even where there are areas of high contrast and detail (such as where the light strikes her face at the edges) the tool will still work well.

P8 I You can be as thorough or as subtle as I I you like when using the Healing tool. In this example we've removed the small wrinkles near the corners of the eye.The right side has been done and the left side has not.

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