Styled Type

Layer Styles can be used to create stunning type effects for any occasion

EWith a type layer selected in the Layers palette you can select Layers > Layer Styles and choose an option from the sub-menu to apply that style to the text. In this case a simple drop-shadow has been applied.The Layer Styles panel will automatically pop open.

ETo create text with a bit of relief you can use the Bevel and Emboss options to add depth to your text. It helps if the text is not set to 100% white or black,because the Bevel and Emboss effects add black and white shading to create the illusion of depth.

B . The Pattern option lets you fill the text with any saved pattern.In this case we've used an American flag that we had previously saved as a pattern to fill our New York text.

EText can be 'stroked'using the Stroke section of the Layer Styles.The Stroke function adds an outline to the text,which can be useful if you have filled it with a pattern because the text is more clearly defined.

Quick colour change

The Colour Overlay section of the Layer Styles palette can be used to quickly change the colour of your text without changing to the Type tool and selecting it.

Save your Styles

Custom Styles can be saved as presets and stored for reuse by clicking the New Style button in the Layer Styles palette.


In this chapter...

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O Learn how to cut out objects using paths and convert them to selections, and vice-versa

D Work with Vector Masks to add additional layering capabilities to your documents n Learn to use Vector Shapes and imported vector artwork

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