The Colour Sampler

Colour in coofidence

Using the absolute colour values is a surefire way of proofing certain aspects of an image, since it avoids the vagaries of your computer's monitor display.

The Colour Sampler tool enables you to take up to four colour readings at once

Neutral colours

RGB mode stores the image as three colour channels, Red, Green and Blue.ifyou sample a pixel and each of the values for R,G and B are the same, (say, 45,45,45 or 189,189,189) then you know that pixel is a neutral pure grey tone.

The Colour Sampler tool in the

Eye Dropper tool group (tenth row of the toolbar) can be used to place multiple permanent sample points on an image to help while adjusting the image's colour.The Info palette displays the colour reading.

You can move sample points around after they have been created,and they are truly permanent. Even if you close the document,and reopen it the sample points will have been stored. Displaying colours in RGB mode in the Info palette helps you gauge the neutrality of tones in an image.

B3 | To delete a sample point hold the [Alt] I I key down and click on the point - the cursor turns to a pair of scissors. Alternatively right-clicking on a sample point will open a pop-up menu from which you can choose the Delete command. Mac users will need to [Ctrl]-click for the latter function.

ELike the Eye Dropper tool,you can set the mode for the sample points to be either single pixels,or averaged pixels (3x3 or 5x5 pixel arrays,around the sample point). The latter are useful for 'noisy'images.To clear all the sample points,click the Clear button in the option bar.

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