The 'focus'tools

The focus'tools are simple to use when you understand how they work. Let's explore them

Pop-up palette

You can also pop up the brushes preset palette by right-clicking in the image window. Mac users will need to hold down [Ctrl] and click.

In a hurry?

The pop-up Brushes palette can be momentary ([Alt]+ click+hold) or persistent ([Alt]+click+release) enabling you to choose a brush quickly or browse at leisure.

EThe Blur tool can be selected from the seventh row of the toolbar or with the a shortcut key [R].Simply put,you can use this tool to soften edges and detail in an image by painting over it.

EThe tool uses the normal brushes interface and preset menu,accessible from the Options bar as usual.Most of the time you'll be using the Blur tool with just a normal, round,soft brush rather than anything fancy.

B3 | The Strength slider in the Options bar I I controls the intensity of the blur - how quickly the blur intensifies as you paint. Use the numeric keypad to quickly type in the strength you require. For example, pressing the 1 key on the keypad equals 10% strength, 5 equals 50%,and 0 equals 100%. Here's the same stroke applied once at 10%,50% and 100% strength to the pattern's bottom edge.

EThe tool applies the effect continually so even if you stop moving the mouse the effect continues to be applied.The strength slider therefore does not control the maximum amount of blur,but rather the rate at which blurring will intensify.On the right the blur tool is applied for 5 seconds at 10%, and on the left 5 seconds at 100%.

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