The Gradient tool is indispensable when working on multi-layered documents

EA gradient is very simply two colours spread over a distance and smoothly blended from the one to the other.They can be monotone,like this simple black-to-white linear gradient...

E...or colourful,like this red-to-green gradient.You can also blend a monotone colour, like black or white into a colour such as red,and the brightness and saturation of the colour will smoothly blend across the distance that you specify.

B . The Gradient tool can be found in the I I sixth row of the toolbar,and has an icon with a small black-to-white gradient. Use the tool by simply dragging out a line indicating the direction of the gradient.The first point you click defines where the first colour will end,and the point where you release the mouse after dragging is where the second (or last colour if it has more the two) will begin.

EThe distance you drag will define the width of the gradient. It can by very tight if you only drag a little way (top) or very loose if you drag a long way (bottom). Note that before the first point the pixels are made up of 100% first colour,and after the last point they are 100% last colour. £

Degrees of constraint

Hold down the [Shift] key while dragging to constrain the angle of your gradient to 45-degree increments.

Gaadienr paesers

While using the Gradient tool right-click to pop up the gradient presets palette. Mac users will need to press [Ctrl] instead.

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