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As well as moving and copying pixels, Photoshop's Move tool allows you to align and distribute objects evenly across the document or within a selection. With the Move tool selected you will see a number of options available.

The first option, Auto Select Layer, is very handy. It enables you to click on a pixel in the image to select that layer. The next, Show Bounding Box, displays a transform box around the selection or element or layer. You can drag the handles on the edge of the box to move the selection. If you click on the lines, you'll switch to the Free Transform mode, enabling you to scale, rotate and deform the objects.

The next section of options only becomes active when you have linked layers. To link layers so that you can move them as one object, go to the Layers palette and click the blank icon box between the eye icon and one of your layers. A chain icon now appears in the blank icon box, indicating that the layer you have just clicked next to is now linked to the currently selected layer.

Line them up

The Align features work with selections on fully filled layers too.if a selection is active then it is used as a master guide for all the layers to be aligned to. If you have accidentally moved image layers so that they lie partially off the canvas you can use the Align feature to make them all line up again squarely on the canvas.

Activating Align and Distribute

Feel like going MAD? Here's how to Move,Align and Distribute

When you select a layer that has other layers linked to it the

Align and Distribute options of the Move tool become active.Click on these to distribute the layers or align them to various key points.You can use the Align Left Edges button, for example,to align individual text layers so that their left edges line up.It's important to note that these options only take into account the bounding box of the layer. If you have a series of layers linked together but they are filled totally with pixels,then the align options will have no effect.This is because the layers have nowhere to be aligned to,as they are already lined up on the canvas.

The Align and Distribute buttons in the Move options bar can be used to align multiple linked layers

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