The Measure tool

Taking measurements is very useful for accurate drawings or precise transformations

9 i The Measure tool can be found in the I I tenth tool group along with the Eye Dropper tool.You can use this tool to measure distances,widths and angles directly in the image. Here we can measure the exact size of an object by dragging with the Measure tool.

EThe measurement is given in the Options bar,and the Info palette, in this case the line is 280 pixels thick.We can now make a duplicate line with the same thickness by entering 280px in the Line tool's Size field.

B3 | To measure an angle drag out the I I Measure tool along one edge,then [Alt]-drag from the end point to pull out a second line.The angle between the two lines is displayed in degrees in the Option bar and Info palette.

EA single line's angle is displayed too, which can be useful for straightening crooked images.You can measure a line that should be straight and then use the Image > Rotate Canvas > Arbitrary command.You don't need to enter the value you measured, because it's already been entered for you.

Diagonal perfection Hold down the [Shift] key to constrain the Measure tool's angle to 45-degree increments. This is useful when you want to measure a perfect diagonal.

Auto measurements

With the Free Transform tool, the value will automatically be applied after taking an angle measurement.If it's in the wrong direction, simply add or delete a minus sign in front of the angle value in the Options bar.


In this chapter...

O See how Photoshop's tools can be used to construct a complex, montage-based illustration

O Learn the tricks of the trade to create more professio nal-looking artwork

O Combine tools to get the best results in the shortest time

O Combine tools to get the best results in the shortest time

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Learn Photoshop Now

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