The Quick Mask lets you create a ready-made mask, which you can edit or turn into a selection

When painting, take notice of the foreground colour indicated in the bottom of the toolbar. When in Quick Mask mode this will only indicate shades of grey, so any colours you have set will appear grey. Hitting the [D] key sets the colours to the default, white and black. As you paint you can use the [X] key to reverse the background and foreground colours so that you can paint in white (unmask) or black (mask) to edit the mask.

Once you have touched up the mask, you can press the [Q] key

Make use of the foreground and background switch key [X] to flip between masked and unmasked colours

once more to exit Quick Mask mode. You'll then be able to convert the edited mask to a selection.

Disappearing ants

To hide the 'marching ants'while a selection is active use the [Crtl]+[H] shortcut (that's [Command]+[H] for Mac users). Be careful to remember that you have a selection active though!

How to modify your selections

□ If you need to make a selection slightly bigger all the way round,you can do so using the Select > Modify > Expand menu command. A dialog will appear in which you can enter the number of pixels by which you wish to expand the selection.

□ You can contract a selection by using the Select > Modify > Contract menu command.To make a selection larger by a specified number of pixels around it,choose Select > Modify > Expand from the menu.

□ To soften a selection and make its border less jagged,you can use the Select > Feather menu command,enter a value in pixels (from 1 to 250) and click OK.

□ If you need to modify just the border of the selection area you can select it using the Select > Modify > Border.This is useful for creating special edge effects, in combination with some filters, like Torn Edges.

Hiding applications

To hide other applications on a Mac and leave only Photoshop visible, type [Command]+[Alt]+[H]. On PCs, Photoshop has an application background window, so this is not applicable.

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