The Rubber Stamp tool is useful for copying pixels from one part of an image to another

Sample mode

When you hold the [Alt] key down the Clone cursor changes from the brush outline to crosshairs to show that it's in sample mode and allowing more precise sampling.

Precision painting

Use the Caps Lock key on any brush tool to activate Precise Cursor mode.

Let's focus on the more creative and fun aspects. Here's a great example of what cloning is all about - our source image is a typical group portrait.

To ensure that we can easily return to the original if necessary,we first make a copy of the image as a new layer. Selecting the Clone tool we can see the Options bar looks much like the Brush tool's.At the far right are two extra options though:Aligned and Use All Layers.Turn off the Aligned check-box.

B3 | Selecting a 20-pixel soft brush we first I I set the Sample point from which to clone.To do this we hold down the [Alt] key and click where we want to sample from - in this case the face of the boy in the lower-right of the photo.

ENow we can clone the boy.Releasing the [Option] key returns to normal cloning mode.We can clone over the face of the boy at the top-right, replacing his with the face of the boy from the lower-left. We can carry on and make as many clones as we like.

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