The Sharpen tool

The antithesis of the Blur tool is the Sharpen tool. No prizes for guessing what this tool does

A sharp esoape

When working on large images with large brushes,the Blur and Sharpen tools can take some time to calculate. If you want to stop the calculation of a blur or sharpen while in pragress,press the [Esc] key.

Sliok seleorion

Selecting the general area before using the Blur or Sharpen tool can speed things up.

The Sharpen tool is used to selectively

sharpen pixels in an image.This can be very useful,as in this image,where there is variable focus.Applying the Sharpen filter can sharpen unwanted noise in the blurred parts of the image.

You could of course construct a mask to protect the blurred areas,but using the Sharpen tool with a large soft brush it's simply a matter of painting in where you want the sharpening to occur. Noise in blurred parts is therefore kept at bay.

B3 | The Sharpen tool works best when the I I Strength slider is kept low - on photographic images,or those that have been compressed using lossy compression such as JPEG,the sharpening can increase 'noise'-the pixels become too sharp and stand out too much from the image.Therefore,too high a strength setting for the sharpening effect can ruin the image.

ETo reduce the multicolour noise effect, switching to the tool's blending mode, to Luminosity, is a great help. Now only the brightness details in the image are sharpened but not the colour,which is often where the noise resides.

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