The standard, Polygonal and Magnetic Lassos are ideal for creating complex selections

The Lasso tool is a free-form selection tool. You can use it like a pen to draw your selection border by hand. When using the Lasso tool selections can be any shape you like, but it can be hard to be precise because selection must be drawn in a single motion. The Polygonal Lasso is much easier to use, and can be found in the Lasso tool pop-up in the toolbar. This enables you to click from one point to another to create straight line segments to make up your selection. All you need to do is double-click,


When using the Polygonal Lasso holding down the [Alt] key invokes the normal Lasso tool. Releasing the [Alt] key reverts back to the Polygonal Lasso.

Using the [Alt] key technique allows you the best of both worlds, drawing straight sections or detailed curves as and when you need to

or click on the starting point of the selection to end it and consequently close your selection.

Combined Lasso

With the Lasso tool active,just hold down the [Alt] key at any stage to turn it into the Polygonal Lasso.

Lasso options rounded up

□ There are two ways in which to work using the [Alt] shortcut. Assuming you have the normal Lasso tool selected, if you keep the [Alt] key held down when you click and drag,the tool will behave like the normal Lasso.

□ If you want to get really precise,then the Magnetic Lasso is the key. With this selection tool you can draw close to the edge of the object you wish to select and the tool will figure out where the boundary should be and adjust the selection to fit.

o You can set the Frequency high to place lots of points as you drag. This can be handy for jagged edges.

O A Low Frequency is also useful when you don't need the added complexity of hundreds of anchor points, but can make do with a less precise selection.

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