The Type tool

Photoshop'sType tool allows you to add impressive text and type effects to any image

Twice the size

If using an older version of Photoshop without vector text and you need to transform type,do so in a new document that is twice the size of the destination document. The higher resolution will minimise the degradation of the text edges. Resize the image once the transformation is completed, sharpening it as necessary.

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Previously, in releases of Photoshop

earlier than version 6,text was created like this,as a selection.You could type in your text in a panel,choose the font and other options but once created,that was it.

The type selection could be filled with a flat colour,saved to a channel ready for some channel effects work,or as here applied to an image layer,to create image-filled text.

B3 | While this is fine,the text is not a vector I I object,so the edges of the type are not always as crisp and clean as they could be. This is due to the anti-aliasing used to smooth non-straight edges of pixel-based images.

E Furthermore, if you wanted to edit the mask,to make it smaller or larger,distort it and so on,then the quality of the edge pixels will deteriorate even further.After just a few transformations the edges become fuzzy.

type layers.

EThe vector text introduced in Photoshop 6 is a whole different ball game.The Text tool, located in the eighth row of the toolbar,contains four different tools. Horizontal and Vertical Type, and Horizontal and Vertical Type Masks.

EThe Type Masks are just like those in older versions of Photoshop, except they are more easily edited while they are being created.Afterwards they are not editable.The normal Type tool creates type as a special vector layer called a Type Layer.

Vectors and rasters

Though the type layers are vector-based,just like any vector program Photoshop has to rasterize them in order to display them. But this is an ongoing process.The type itself is still stored internally as a vector.

EType created like this is 'live.You can select the layer and make changes to the text it contains,change the font,colour and whatever else you like.Transforming this layer is possible using the Free Transform tool, If you were to rescale a just as if it was a normal pixel layer. document containing a live Type Layer, the type would scale up correctly along with the pixel layers, but would not suffer any degradation.

type layers.

Reseating with text

EEven after many transformations,the type layer's edges remain as crisp and properly anti-aliased,as it was when the type was first created.You don't have to worry about the edge degrading when working with

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