Unravel the mysteries of the Photoshop Toolbar and its resident icons.They're not as scary as they l

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Start up Photoshop and what do you see? Well, besides the menu options along the top of the screen, you'll see a Toolbar that's chock-a-block with icons. You'll probably recognise some of these, such as the 'T' that designates the Type tool and the paintbrush icon that unlocks the various Brush tools. But do you really know what the rest of these icons mean? ... Honestly? The chances are that - like many Photoshop users across the world - you're only using a fraction of the program's full potential, but this second issue in the Photoshop Focus Guide series will change all that, helping you make the most of all the tools at your disposal.

Even professional designers often admit to being hopeless with the Healing Brush and dodgy with the Dodge tool, but there's really no reason for any of the tools to be a mystery. This issue will help you get more from the Clone, Gradient, Paths and Effects tools, to name but a few. You'll find expert tips and advice for working more efficiently with each of the tools, as well as tutorials to demonstrate exactly how to carry out useful image-editing tasks. In the final section you'll find a step-by-step guide that brings together all the skills you've learnt, showing how to create a striking Photoshop image.

And let's not forget the CD that accompanies your Focus Guide. On here you'll find a library of stock images (worth £1,990), plug-ins and video training tutorials to enhance your enjoyment of Photoshop farther still!

Have fun!

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