Using the Eye Dropper tool

Using the Eye Dropper tool couldn't be easier, but it boasts a few less obvious features too

EYou can choose a different foreground colour when painting by selecting the Eye Dropper tool from the toolbar and clicking on the image.The tool will sample the colour of the pixel you click in and store it in the Foreground Colour swatch.

ETo chose a new background colour, you could flip the Foreground and Background swatches using the [X] key, take a sample and flick back, or simply hold down the [Alt] key when the Eye Dropper tool is selected.

B . When in Point Sample mode,selected I I from the Options bar drop-down menu, it can be tricky to sample the perceived colour of a particular area of a noisy image.The actual pixels may vary in colour dramatically and not represent the overall colour of the particular area of the image.

ETo get around this there are two other modes - 3x3 Average and 5x5 Average. Each mode samples a grid of pixels around the one you select,sums their colours and takes the average.The sample is usually a much better match to the colour you perceive by eye.

Colour accuracy

The 3x3 average sample size can be more accurate, especially on busy images where the colour varies dramatically.

Get a colour update

Click and drag over the image to see the colour sample update interactively in the toolbar.

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