Using the Pen as a brush

We can use the Pen tool to create accurate, repeatable brush strokes

Ein order to have a bit more precision when adding the highlight,we can use the Pen tool.We begin by drawing a path along the length of the arm.

EWe select the Dodge tool and set up a large textured brush for it in Midtones mode at 50% strength. By clicking the Stroke Path with Brush button selected in the Paths palette,the Dodge tool will be stroked along the path.

B . By repeating this action with successively smaller radius brushes we can create a nice fake illumination to the edge of the arm. Each stroke passes in exactly the same position because of the path.

EThe rest of the arm is touched up to remove any further unevenness in tones on the skin (the eye is very sensitive to this) using the Burn and Clone tools.The result is pretty good, especially if you didn't know where to look for the fix-up job. ^

Sketchy stroke

The technique of using a pen as a stroke can be applied in other ways. You can give vector shapes a more 'hand-drawn' look by stroking them with sketchy brushes.

Broken paths

Break up a complex path into different sections to add variety and detail to stroked paths.

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