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We can add further creative elements using Vector Shape and Type layers

EA Type layer is added by clicking on the image with the Type tool. Appropriately, the number 7 will be used as a graphic element for the image,since 7 is the current version of Photoshop.

The Warp Text tool helps to bend the 7 into a more interesting shape,and assists in integrating it into the image depth-wise. A layer mask aids this further making it appear to wrap around the girl.Applied in Screen mode, an Outer Glow Layer Style makes for a subtle effect.

B . A Levels Adjustment layer is applied to the image and a Vector Shape is used as a mask to create a further layer of detail in the image.A combination of two overlapping Vector Shapes in Exclude mode interacts to create an interesting shape.

E Finally, a layer mask is applied to the Levels Adjustment Layer.Using the Gradient tool set to black and white and Radial mode,a gradient is drawn that protects the girl's face from the effect of levels.

Balancing elements

When creating an image such as this, try to balance the foreground and background elements, making sure the background detail does not overpower or clash with the main subject.

Big impression

Using a Hue/Saturation Adjustment Layer you can change the feel of the entire image just by changing some of the colours.

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network administrator before attempting to install any software on a networked PC.


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