Vector Shape details

We'll look at some of the options that are specific to Vector Shapes

EThe Rounded rectangle shape is used to create rectangular shapes and masks with rounded corners.Before you drag out the shape you can set the desired corner size in the Options bar.Add a Layer Style if you like.

The Polygon shape tool is used to create regular shapes of any number of sides. Here a triangle is created in Subtract mode to cut a hole in the Rectangle.

When editing the shapes you need to select the Direct Selection tool.Then you can drag out a marquee around the points you wish to move. Selected points are displayed as filled-in dots; unselected ones are unfilled dots.

EThe usual copying options apply with paths as well as selections,so you can make a copy of a shape by selecting it and [Alt]+dragging it. Here we've duplicated the arrows, and changed their mode to Add.

In a corner

You cannot change the radii of the corners of a rounded rectangle after it has been created.

Quash confusion

Don't confuse the Move tool with the Path Selection tool. The Move tool does not have a 'tail' and cannot be used to move paths individually.


In this chapter...

O Add Notes and

Annotations to your Photoshop documents

O Learn which file formats work with Notes and Annotations

O Use the Eye Dropper tool to sample colours from an image

Sample precise pixel values at different points of an image with the Colour Sampler

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