You can fix problem portraits in seconds using the Clone tool and its subtle blending mode

A cloning alternative

An alternative technique,which uses the same principal,is to clone on to a new layer using the Normal mode but set the layer's blending mode to Colour or Luminosity.

One of the most common uses of the Clone tool is to fix blemishes, bruises and marks on skin. If you want to fix marks on the skin such as a rash or the occasional spot you can easily clone it out using the Clone tool as normal. While you'll remove the blemish you'll probably find it very difficult to get a seamless clone. What tends to happen is that the clone will be slightly the wrong shade or colour, so that when you zoom out to inspect the whole image, the cloned point is almost as visible as the

Fixing skin in photos is easy,onceyou know that the secret is simply to change the Clone tool's blending mode and subtly clone out the marks

original blemish, which defeats the whole point of removing the blemish in the first place!

Less is more

Using a low opacity allows you to clone away blemishes gradually. You don't always need to eradicate blemishes totally.In fact, doing so can look too fake. Instead just reduce their intensity a little.

□ Cloning skin correctly requires careful use of the brush blending modes.In the Options bar set the blending mode in the drop-down menu to Luminosity and the opacity to 50%.You can then clone the image using only the brightness of the sampled point.This lets you get rid of light or dark blemishes easily,without changing the colour.

□ If the blemish is a red patch of skin or bruise,set the blending mode to Colour before you clone.That way the brightness of the pixels remains the same,but the off-colour will be removed.

□ Making use of both apply modes in turn is likely to be the best option for very bad marks like cuts and bruises.This allows you to deal with the colour and brightness independently.

□ With both methods try to keep the sample point as close as you can to the problem area to minimize the difference in skin tone.

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