7 Choose File > Save. Adding a gradient layer

Right now, your "invitational" element is merely a work path, not something that would show up in print. To start the process of making it appear in the poster, you'll create a gradient layer that you can combine with the work path in the procedure following this one.

1 In the Layers palette, click the New Layer button (j) to create a new Layer 2.

2 In the toolbox, select the gradient tool (_l).

3 Set the foreground to white and the background to black, by pressing D to set the default colors (black and white) and then pressing X to reverse them (white and black).

4 In the tool options bar, click the pop-up arrow to open the gradient picker.

5 Select the second gradient option in the top row (Foreground to Transparent), and then press Enter.

6 Shift-drag the gradient tool from left to right across the image.

The gradient covers the entire image, with the underlying layers showing through the transparent areas.

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