Adding a new text layer

You'll get a little more practice using text by adding another word to your poster.

1 In the Layers palette, select Layer 1.

2 With the type tool ('I') selected, click the Default Foreground And Background Colors button to set them to black and white, respectively. (Or, press T and then D to do this.)

3 In the Character palette, select the same sans serif font that you used to type the full moon pro-am, select Roman as the font style, 36 as the font size, and 28 as the leading.

4 Click anywhere in the upper area of the poster (so that it is clearly separated from the area of the warped "full moon" text) and type invitational.

The word appears in black text in the image window. In the Layers palette, a new, active layer, named Layer 2, is above Layer 1.

5 Select the move tool (v) and drag the word invitational to center it in the lower part of the image window, just below the "the full moon pro-am" text block.

Notice that the layer name changes from "Layer 2" to "invitational" in the Layers palette.

6 Close the Character palette group.

7 Choose File > Save.

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