Adding layer styles to a custom shape

You're almost finished with your poster project. Right now, your golf-ball shape is simply a composite, solid-white shape, unlike the golf ball you saw in the sample End file. You'll create the same results with very little effort by applying layer styles to the custom shape.

1 In the Layers palette, make sure that the Shape 2 layer is selected.

2 Click the Layer Style button (■£) at the bottom of the Layers palette, and choose Bevel And Emboss on the pop-up menu that appears.





* ] Opacity:


: J y|+|a|




| j Star Guides


n ii®


Shape 2



| j Layer 3

A ▼

1 ol i W, d it

Drop Shadow... Inner Shadow... Ou«r Clow... Inner Clow...

Bleeding Options...

Drop Shadow... Inner Shadow... Ou«r Clow... Inner Clow...

3 Make sure that the Preview check box is selected and then move the Layer Styles dialog box so that you can watch the changes to the golf-ball shape as you make style selections.

4 In the Structure area of the Layer Style dialog box, use the following settings:

• For Technique, use Smooth.

• For Depth, type or drag the slider to set the value at about 150%.

• For Soften, type or drag the slider to set the value at 6 px. Do not close the dialog box yet.

5 In the Shading area of the Layer Style dialog box, make sure that the following settings are selected:

• For Angle, use -41° (being careful to make the number negative).

Layer Style


Blending Options: Default F1 Drop Shadow □ Inner Shadow

Style: inner Bevel J ] Technique: Smooth ' J ^

t OK f Cancel ^ New Style...

□ Inner Glow 0Betel and Emboss

□ Contour QTentire Q Satin

Direction: ^ Up Q Down

Preview ■

Angle: ___ |-41 |*

0 Color Overlay l~1 Gradient Overlay

f • . J ^ Use Global Light

Altitude: jjaj_|»

Q Pattern Overlay

Gloss Contour: | ^ * | | Anti-aliased

□ Stroke

Highlight Mode: Screen

Shadow Mode: Multiply ± ]

Leave the dialog box open for the next step.

6 In the Styles list on the left pane of the Layer Style dialog box, select the Gradient Overlay check box. Do not click OK yet.

7 In the Styles list, click the Outer Glow listing so that it is highlighted and its check box is automatically selected. Then select the following settings on the right side of the dialog box:

• In the Structure section, click the color swatch to open the color picker, and select a pale yellow color by setting the following values: R=255, G=255, B= 190, and then click OK to close the color picker.

• In the Elements section, leave Technique set as Softer, enter 8% for Spread, and enter 27 for Size.

8 Review the settings and then click OK to close the dialog box.

Although you opened the Layer Styles dialog box just once, you applied a total of three different layer styles: Bevel and Emboss, Gradient Overlay, and Outer Glow.

9 If necessary, click a blank area in the Paths palette to deselect the Shape 2 Vector Mask, and then save your work.

Congratulations! You've finished your work on the poster.

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