Adding spot color to text

Text in an image can also appear in spot color. There are different methods for creating this effect, but the most straightforward is to add the text directly to the spot-color channel. Note that text in a spot-color channel behaves differently from text created on a type layer. Spot-color-channel text is uneditable. Once you create the type, you cannot change its specifications, and once you deselect the type, you cannot reposition it.

Now you'll add text to the spot-color channel and place the text in the light block of spot color.

1 In the Color palette, return the color slider to 100%.

2 Select the type tool ( I), and click the image in the light block of color. A red mask appears over the artwork, and an insertion point for the text flashes.

3 In the type tool options bar, choose a sans serif bold typeface from the Font menu (such as Myriad, which is included on the Adobe Photoshop 7.0 Classroom in a Book CD, or Arial), and enter 66 for the point size in the Size text box.

4 Type work in the image window.

5 Select the move tool (v), and drag the text so that it is centered in the light block of color.

6 Choose Select > Deselect.

7 Choose File > Save.

You have finished preparing the image for two-color printing. To see how the color separations for the printed piece will look, try alternately hiding and displaying the two color channels in the Channels palette.

8 Click the eye icon (- ) for the Gray channel in the Channels palette. The Gray channel is hidden, and the image window changes to just the areas of the image that will print in the spot color.

9 Redisplay the Gray channel by clicking its eye icon column. Then hide the PANTONE 124 C channel by clicking its eye icon. Just the grayscale areas of the image appear in the image window.

10 Click the eye icon column for the PANTONE 124 C channel to display both channels.

Final image Black channel PANTONE 124 C channel

If you have a printer available, you can also try printing the image. You'll find that it prints on two sheets of paper—one representing the color separation for the spot color and one representing the grayscale areas of the image.

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