Adding the extracted image as a layer

Now you'll add the extracted image to the Egret image.

1 With the image window of the Foxtail image active, use the move tool (*..) to drag the image to the right side of the Egret image. The foxtail is added as a new layer to the Egret image.

2 Close the Foxtail.psd image window without saving your changes. The 06Start.psd is now the active file, and the new layer with the foxtail is selected.

3 Choose Edit > Transform > Scale. Drag the resize handles, holding down Shift to constrain the proportions, until the foxtail is about two-thirds the original image height. Press Enter (Windows) or Return (Mac OS) to apply the scaling.

Moving foxtail copy Scaling foxtail Result

4 In the Layers palette with the Foxtail layer (Layer 1) selected, decrease its opacity to 70%.

5 Choose File > Save.

6 Save and close the Foxtail.psd image.

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