Adding type layers to a flattened background

You're now going to work on two text layers that will have identical information but in different languages.

1 In the toolbox, select the type tool (T).

2 In the tool options bar, set the following type specifications:

• For Font family, select Adobe Garamond (or another serif font).

• For Font Style, select Italic.

• Click the color swatch to open the color picker and select the same yellow color you used for Outer Glow earlier in this lesson (R=255, B=255, G=0); then click OK to close the color picker.

• Make sure that the Crisp option and the Center Text icon (=) are selected.

Adobe Garamond

3 Make sure that the Conf Info layer set is selected in the Layers palette. Then click the type tool (1) in the upper right area of the image window and type the following: The Frinds of the Flowers. Then press Enter or Return, and type Montreal. (The misspelling "Frinds" is deliberate, so be sure you type it exactly as shown here.)

In the Layers palette, a new type layer appears, nested under the Conf Info layer set.

4 Select the move tool (\.) and drag the text so that it is nicely centered between the brick archway and the upper right side of the image.

Notice that the name of the layer in the Layers palette is now "The Frinds of the Flowers."

5 Select the "The Frinds..." layer in the Layers palette and drag it to the New Layer button at the bottom of the palette. When you release the mouse button, a duplicate of the text layer appears, also nested in the Conf Info layer set.

If you decide later that you want to reposition the two text layers, you can select the Conf Info layer set in the Layers palette, and then use the move tool to drag both layers, as if they were linked.

You now have an identically formatted and positioned text layer that you can simply edit to create alternative text about the conference information.

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