Adding type to the image in edit mode

Your first editing task is to enter formatted text into the image.

1 Select the type tool ( I), and then choose Window > Character to open the Character palette group.

2 In the Character palette, select the following options:

• For the font family, select a sans serif font (such as Myriad, one of the fonts you can install on your computer from the Adobe Photoshop 7.0 Classroom in a Book CD; see "Installing the Classroom in a Book fonts" on page 3).

• For the font style, select Roman (sometimes called Plain or Regular, depending on the font family you use).

Character Paragraph i ►'

3 In the Character palette group, click the Paragraph palette tab, and then select the Center Text alignment option.

Character Paragraph ►

Notice that most of these character and paragraph options are also available in the tool options bar. Of the selections you've made so far, only the Leading option is not there.

4 In the toolbar, make sure that the foreground color is white.

Try the following keyboard shortcuts for setting black and white colors: First, press D. This is the same as clicking the Default Foreground And Background Colors button on the toolbox, which sets the foreground to black and the background to white. Then, press X. This is the same as clicking the Switch Foreground And Background Colors button in the toolbox, which reverses the colors, making the foreground white and the background black.

5 Click the type tool just below the "horizon" (where the blue rectangle meets the gradient green background) and slightly to the left of center. Then type the following three lines, pressing the Return key so that the lines break as shown:

the full moon pro-am

6 Double-click the word moon to select it, and then using either the tool options bar or the Character palette, change the font size to 48.

Note: If you need to adjust the placement of the text, select the move tool and drag the text. Then reselect the type tool.

7 Choose File > Save.

the full moon pro-am

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