Applying a work path to a layer as a vector mask

Your "invitational" work path is not yet applied to any layer. Now, you'll use it to create a vector mask for the gradient layer, limiting the visible area of the gradient fill to the insides of the letter shapes.

1 In the Paths palette, make sure that the Work Path is selected.

2 Choose Layer > Add Vector Mask > Current Path.

The work path becomes the basis of a new layer mask, shown in the thumbnails on Layer 2 in the Layers palette and in the Paths palette, where the mask is identified as "Layer 2 Vector Mask." This mask now hides the gradient in all areas of the image except the area inside the letter shapes of the word invitational.

3 Select the path selection tool (0, hidden under the direct selection tool (>), and then click the Dismiss Target Path button (s ) in the tool options bar to deselect all paths.

the fuYv moon pro-am invitatior

Note: You can also click the blank area below the paths in the Paths palette to deselect all paths.

4 In the Layers palette, click the link icon (|) in Layer 2 to unlink the path from the gradient layer.

5 Select the move tool (v), and drag left or right in the image to adjust the placement of the gradient behind the vector mask. When you are satisfied with the appearance of the gradient, choose File > Save.

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