Applying effects using a gradient mask

Now you'll load the gradient as a selection and fill the selection with a color.

When you load a gradient as a selection and then fill the selection with a color, the opacity of the fill color varies over the length of the gradient. Where the gradient is black, no fill color is present; where the gradient is gray, the fill color is partially visible; and where the gradient is white, the fill color is completely visible.

1 In the Channels palette, click the RGB channel to display the full-color preview. Next, you'll load the Gradient channel as a selection.

2 Without deselecting the RGB channel, drag the Gradient channel to the Load Channel As Selection button (o) at the bottom of the palette to load the gradient as a selection.

A selection border appears in the window. Although the selection border appears over only about half the image, it is correct.

3 Make sure that the foreground and background colors are set to their defauls (black and white, respectively). If necessary, click the Default Foreground and Background Colors icon (a ) at the lower-left corner of the color-selection boxes.

4 Press Delete to fill the gradient selection with the current background color (white).

5 Choose Select > Deselect to deselect everything.

6 Choose File > Save.

You have completed this lesson. Although it takes some practice to become comfortable using channels, you've learned all the fundamental concepts and skills you need to get started using masks and channels.

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