Changing the opacity and mode of a layer

The door image now blocks any images that lie on layers below it. You can reduce the opacity of the door layer, which allows other layers to show through it. You can also apply different blending modes to the layer, which affect how the color pixels in the door image blend with pixels in the layers below them. (Currently, the blending mode is Normal.)

1 With the Door layer selected, click the arrow next to the Opacity text box in the Layers palette, and drag the slider to 50%.

The door becomes partially transparent, and you can see the layers underneath. Notice that the change in opacity affects only the image area of the Door layer. The statue and doorway images remain completely opaque.

2 To the left of the Opacity option in the Layers palette, open the blending modes pop-up menu, and select Luminosity.

3 Readjust the Opacity value, changing it to 90%.

4 Choose File > Save to save your work.

For more information on blending modes, see "Blending an image with the background" on page 220.

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