Changing the palette display

You can reorganize your work space in various ways. Experiment with several techniques:

• To hide all open palettes, the toolbox, and the tool options bar, press Tab. Then press Tab again to reopen them.

• To hide or display the palettes only (but not change the toolbox or tool options bar displays), press Shift+Tab.

• To make a palette appear at the front of its group, click the palette tab.

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• To move an entire palette group, drag the title bar to another location.

• To separate a palette from its palette group, drag the palette tab beyond the existing group.

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• To move a palette to another group, drag the palette tab inside that palette group so that a black highlight appears inside the group, and then release the mouse button.

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• To dock a palette in the palette well on the Photoshop tool options bar, drag the palette tab into the palette well so that the palette well is highlighted.

Note: Palettes are considered hidden when stored in the palette well. Clicking on the title of a palette stored in the well temporarily opens the palette until you click outside the palette or click the palette tab a second time.

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