Converting selections to paths

Now you'll create a second path using a different method. First you'll use a selection tool to select a similarly colored area, and then you'll convert the selection to a path. (You can convert any selection made with a selection tool into a path.)

1 Click the Layers palette tab to display the palette, and then drag the Template layer to the Trash button at the bottom of the palette. You no longer need this layer.

2 Select the magic wand tool ).

3 In the Magic Wand tool options bar, make sure that the Tolerance value is 32.

T [HH [j P Q Tolerance: \32 F Anti-aliased Contiguous I- Use All Layers

4 Carefully click the black area inside one of the saucer's vertical fins.

5 Shift+click inside the other fin to add that black area to the selection.

6 Click the Paths palette tab to bring the Paths palette to the front. Then click the Make Work Path From Selection button (x.y,) at the bottom of the palette.

The selections are converted to paths, and a new Work Path is created.

Note: If desired, adjust the points on the path, using the tools and techniques you've learned.

7 Double-click the Work Path, and name it Fins; then click OK to save the path.

8 Choose File > Save to save your work.

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