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To prepare for your ImageReady work with slices and rollovers, you'll streamline the work area by closing the palettes you won't need for these tasks and then resizing and arranging the ones you do need. By removing the clutter of unneeded palettes, you maximize your efficiency for these types of tasks. You'll save this arrangement as a custom workspace that you can reuse later.

To get a sense of the workspace arrangement you're aiming for, see the illustration with the final steps of this procedure.

1 Separate the palettes from their default palette groups as follows: • Drag the Slice palette out of the Animation palette group.

0 0

Animation^ Image Map^ ^ Slice^^ 1

Earner * ;


Animation \ Image Nap\

0 0


J Slice \


Type: Image 1 £ 1

Name: |

URL: Target: |

Animation \ Image Nap\



• Drag the Info palette out of the Optimize palette group.

• Drag the Rollovers palette out of its palette group (leaving the Color Table and Layer Options palettes together).

• Drag the Layers palette out its palette group (leaving the History and Actions palettes together).

2 You won't be using the following palettes in this lesson, so close them by clicking the close button on the palette title bar: the Animation palette group, the Info palette, the Color palette group, the Color Table palette group, and the History palette group.

Now just four palettes remain open: the Slice, Rollovers, Layers, and Optimize palettes.

3 Drag the Optimize palette to the upper right corner of your work area, and then open the Optimize palette menu and choose Show Options to expand the palette.

4 Drag the Layers palette just below the Optimize palette, and then drag the lower right corner of the Layers palette down to increase its height to take advantage of the available space.

5 Drag the Rollovers palette to the left of the Optimize palette. Drag its corner so that it is as tall as possible.

6 On the Slice palette menu, choose Show Options to expand the palette, and then drag it to the lower left corner of the work area.

Your workspace now includes all the palettes you'll need to see in this lesson, each expanded to the best size for the job.

7 Choose Window > Workspace > Save Workspace. Then, in the Save Workspace dialog box, type Rollovers_15, and click OK.

You can now select the Rollovers_15 workspace on the Window > Workspace menu whenever you need to use it, such as if your ImageReady session is interrupted before you finish this lesson.

Note: The custom workspaces you create and save for either ImageReady or Photoshop are not lost when you reset the default preferences for the application.

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