Creating a flag image and more text

In this section, you'll create a light red triangular shape for a flag in one layer and text in a separate layer. Before you begin, make sure that Layer 1 is selected in the Layers palette.

1 In the Layers palette, select Layer 2, and then click the New Layer button (j) to create another layer, Layer 3.

2 Select the polygon tool (s), hidden under the ellipse tool ( ).

3 In the tool options bar, do the following:

• Select Fill Pixels (□)—the third of three buttons near the left end of the bar.

• Click the Geometry Options arrow (to the left of the Sides option) to open the Polygon Options pop-up palette. Deselect the Star check box, and press Enter to close the pop-up.

Note: The Fill Pixels option converts vector graphics into rasterized images. This helps reduce the file size and speeds up processing. The flag image is a good opportunity for using this option.

4 In the Color palette, set the foreground to a salmon color, using R= 244, G=128, and B=118.

5 Hold down Shift and drag the polygon tool to draw a triangle. Make the triangle large enough to just fit between the word invitational and the right edge of the image, and so that the left side of the triangle is parallel to the L.

tatinna vv n


You can rotate as you drag to change the orientation of the triangle.

6 Select the type tool ( I) and select the following options in the tool options bar:

• For font family, select the same sans serif font that you used for the word invitational.

• Click the text color swatch and select white. Or, you can use the Color palette or the Foreground Color box on the toolbox to select white.

7 Type oct 2nd anywhere in the image. This automatically creates a new type layer (Layer 4), which appears immediately above the flag layer (Layer 3).

8 Select the move tool (K^) and drag the "oct 2nd" text over the triangular flag shape.

When you select the move tool, Layer 4 is renamed "oct 2nd" in the Layers palette. The text does not fit within the flag area, but you'll fix that next.

9 With the "oct 2nd" layer selected in the Layers palette, choose Edit > Free Transform. Handles now appear around the text element.

10 Drag the center-left and center-right handles as needed to compress the text bounding box so that all the text fits within the triangle. Then press Enter.

Leave the "oct 2nd" layer selected in the Layers palette for the next task.

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