Creating a knockout gradient layer

Knockout layer options specify how one layer reveals other layers. In this section, you'll create a knockout gradient layer so that the lower third of the image reveals the Background layer.

You'll begin by creating a new layer in the Images layer set.

1 Select the Images layer set in the Layers palette and click the Create a New Layer button (j) at the bottom of the palette.

This creates a new layer (Layer 1) in the Images layer set, above the Metal Grille, Curves 1, and Rust layers.

2 Double-click the new Layer 1, and type Knockout Gradient to rename it. Keep the Knockout Gradient layer selected.

Now you'll create a gradient on this layer.

3 Select the gradient tool (_l).

4 If necessary, click the Default Foreground And Background Colors icon (* ) in the toolbox to set the foreground color to black and the background color to white.

5 If necessary, click the Linear Gradient button (_l) in the options bar to create a linear gradient.

6 Click the arrow (■»■) to the right of the gradient display in the options bar to open the gradient picker.

7 Choose Small List from the gradient picker menu (opened by clicking the round arrow button in the upper right area of the gradient picker). Then choose Foreground to Transparent in the gradient picker, and close the gradient picker by clicking outside it.

8 Shift-drag from the bottom of the image to slightly above the midpoint to create a gradient that goes from black at the bottom to transparent at the top.

9 In the Layers palette, click the Layers Style button (.-■) at the bottom of the palette and choose Blending Options from the pop-up menu.

10 In the Layer Style dialog box, do the following:

• Under Advanced Blending, drag the Fill Opacity slider or type to enter 0 as the value. (Be careful to adjust the Fill Opacity, not the Opacity option under General Blendings.)

• In the Knockout pop-up menu, select Deep.

• Click OK to close the dialog box.

Layer Style

Blending Options-

f OK . \

Blending Options: Custom

Blend Mode: ' Normal 1 ^



Q Inner Shadow

0 Outer Glow 0 Inner Glow 0 Bevel and Emboss 0 Contour 0 Te*ti_re

Opauly. ' u 100

f New Style.


Advanced Blending ——


Channels: fl M G M B

Q Blend Interior Effects as Group Blend Clipped Layers as Group Transparency Shapes Layer Q Layer Mask Hides Effects □ Vector Mask Hides Effects

0 Color Overlay 0 GraAent Overlay

Now the horizontal stripes of gradient colors on the Background layer start to show through the layers in the Images layer set.

11 Choose File > Save.

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