Creating a layer and choosing a blending mode

Now you'll add a layer and specify a layer blending mode for painting the desaturated pear image. By painting on a separate layer, you won't permanently alter the image. This makes it easy to start over if you aren't satisfied with the results.

You use layer blending modes to determine how the pixels in a layer blend with underlying pixels on other layers. By applying modes to individual layers, you can create myriad special effects.

1 In the Layers palette, click the New Layer button (j) to add Layer 5 to the image, just above Layer 1 in the palette.

2 Double-click Layer 5 and type Paint to rename the layer.

3 In the Layers palette, choose Color from the pop-up mode menu to the left of the Opacity text box.


1 Layers \ (►)

1 Color Opacity: |100% | ► |

~ Normal Dissolve

Fill: |l00% | ► |

1 Darken Multiply

Linear Burn

1 -1

| Lighten Screen

€). H 3 n

The Color mode option is a blending mode. These modes determine how the pixels in this layer blend with underlying pixels on the Background layer.

Note: Next to the New Layer button, you'll see the Trash button. Any time you want to throw your Paint layer away, you can drag the layer to the trash in the Layers palette.

You can use the Color mode to change the hue of a selection without affecting the highlights and shadows. This means that you can apply a variety of color tints without changing the original highlights and shadows of the pears.

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