Creating a layer mask from the work path

You're ready to use these circles as a layer vector mask. 1 Shift-click to select all 16 circle paths.

2 In the tool options bar, click the Subtract From Shape Area option (^ ), or press hyphen (-) to select it with the keyboard shortcut.

The subtraction option sets up Photoshop to use the circle shapes to define where it will remove pixels from the layer, so that those areas of the Metal Grille layer become transparent when you apply the path as a vector mask.

3 Choose Layer > Add Vector Mask> Current Path.

The Rust layer appears through the holes you cut in the Metal Grille layer. In the Layers palette, a thumbnail of the vector mask appears in the Metal Grille layer.

4 Click the Dismiss Target Path button ( s ) in the options bar to deselect the multicircle path you created.

5 Choose File > Save to save your work.

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